Hot Diggity

Hot Diggity performing “Rocky Road Blues” at the Wellington Bluegrass Society.

(Watch the entire concert here:

Hot Diggity is New Zealand’s all-female bluegrass band. They play original songs by Heather Carrigan (mandolin, guitar and vocals) and Deborah Mackenzie (guitar and vocals) along with plenty of bluegrass favourites. Backed up by Jenine Abarbanel (bass and vocals), Sue Drake (banjo and vocals) and Louise Evans (fiddle and vocals), they put out a powerful, lively sound with hot instrumentation and tight harmonies. Hot Diggity was formed in 2014, but all five members are veteran musicians having played with numerous other bands in a variety of musical styles for years.

Lovers of bluegrass tradition and the time period of its birth, the Hot Diggity ladies perform while kitted out in the finest 40s and 50s vintage styles.

Feedback from their debut gig at the Devonport Bunker: ‘I have seen a lot of live shows but seriously, it seemed to me that the show tonight was something almost magical’.

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